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Tell Me When (7 Edit) - Various - Dance Tip 95 (Cassette)



  1. Any cool cats out there who still have their mixtapes? Yep, you read correctly. MIXTAPES. Cassettes were the thing, the new fad if you will, back in the day. You would see people carry their cassette tapes with pride. But, all good things must come to an end. Sadly! .
  2. Nov 07,  · If the tape in your cassette has snapped in two, this video will show you how to fix that.
  3. Oct 05,  · the same rate, in the same spots) on various players, it might simply have been a speed problem in the machine the tape was recorded on. It sounds like he's done most of what one does when you have this problem, so I'd look into that. If the cassette was originally recorded in a machine with poor speed regulation there's no fixing it, except to.
  4. Sep 01,  · If you have a cassette that you can’t get to record on a working cassette deck, check the top corner of the cassette shell, where there’s (usually) a punch-out tab. On prerecorded cassettes, this will already be missing to prevent accidental recor.
  5. Apr 17,  · We get a lot of mail at NPR Music, and amid the postage-paid crates we'll use to ship home the spring interns is a slew of smart questions about how music fits .
  6. May 21,  · A buyer has had the audio book he ordered for 2 weeks, and told me that the 2 cassettes in there are defective and don’t work. I only have one cassette player, and it’s in my (old) car! Do cassettes wear out? I’ll refund him, but not sure whether I should ask for return of the audio book, because I’m not sure if he could be right, or is fibbing. I’ve never had this complaint before.
  7. (on a cassette tape, of course) Tapes and analog music can give you a lot ef enjoyment. But not only with the act of listening to them, but also when recording. And recording tapes is some sort of art. It can be very easy if you use some automatic process. But actually there are a lot of variables involved in the process, and if you want to dig.
  8. out of 5 stars Review- Dance tip 95 Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 December I have had this album on tape since i was young and its well and truly knackard now so i am glad of this cd version. for a fiver u cant beat it- truly was a classic year of amazing party music.4/5(9).
  9. Aug 08,  · USB cassette converter: The cheapest, easiest way to convert tapes to digital files. You just plug the converter into your computer, and its accompanying software does the job. Keep in mind the audio quality won’t match that of a more expensive cassette tape player.