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Ayahuasca Sky - Various - Various Architects EP (Vinyl)



  1. The most commonly used ingredients for the preparation of ayahuasca in the Western Amazon is the slow-brewed combination of chacruna leaves [Psychotria viridis] and the ayahuasca vine [Baniseriopsis caapi].According to The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Substances (); "Almost invariably other plants are mixed together with the jungle vine Banisteriopsis; about a hundred different .
  2. Ayahuasca is a South American tea containing the potent psychedelic chemical N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is a human neurotransmitter. The ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) is combined with the leaves from the shrub Psychotria viridis (or other DMT containing plants) to create the tea.
  3. If you are looking for different results, try different things. AYAHUASCA will give you the light and the force that you need for travel on your past, present and future. This path that you are about to experience will equal a hundred consultations in the psychologist, which will proportionate you the diagnose and solution to any problem, trauma, emptiness, fear, .
  4. Apr 05,  · When researching where I wanted to do my Ayahuasca retreat, I used the site plejsamodevilwoodsfirscashelproducktpud.coinfo This site was an invaluable resource as it listed out the different retreats by rating, price, and category. Along with these parameters, I recommend learning as much as you can about the different retreat options, and what each retreat generally entails.
  5. Ayahuasca Explained. As legend would have it, a long time ago, a Shipibo Shaman had a dream whereby he was told by the spirits to go into the jungle, find one specific vine (Ayahuaca) and one specific root (Chacruna) and to boil them together, thereby providing a connection to Mother Ayahuasca and unleashing a healing power for all those who chose to work with it.
  6. Aug 11,  · I was now given this information that everyone else who just took Ayahuasca with me is at a different stage than I am. That they are still in the realm of thought, while I .
  7. Intro to Ayahuasca Guides: Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that has been used for at least a thousand of years. Indeed, it is one of the safest medicines ever discovered. Yet, unlike most of the medicines in the modern world, Ayahuasca used to treat numerous parts of the person—the mind, the body, and the spirit.
  8. Ayahuasca uses and effects click here for the complete guide on ayahuasca effects Psychological states induced by ayahuasca Following is the description of some of the mystical states – spiritual master plant caused by Ayahuasca: Introspection. Examination of the soul by itself (self-contemplation. Recognition of the evolution of our being) Regression. Psychic .