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Till There Was You - The Beatles - New Years Day - The Decca Audition (CD, Album)



  1. Their January 1, , audition for Decca Records—yielding 15 songs, known for decades among collectors simply as "the Decca tapes"—was the first audio document of any kind to capture a truly high-fidelity, professionally recorded performance of a group that had already been working for five years.
  2. The Beatles’ famous audition for Decca Records took place in London on New Year’s Day in The session followed the label’s A&R representative Mike Smith’s attendance at a Cavern performance on 13 December The Beatles’ performance that night hadn’t been strong enough to secure them a record deal, but the label was willing to offer them a session in their studios at
  3. Nov 26,  · The audition was on New Year's Day -- January 1 was not a national holiday at the time. Note that the solo on Til There Was You is the same on the Decca Tapes, Star Club tapes, and With The Beatles. the Decca auditions are the Beatles true first album. EddieMann, Nov 26, # somnar, Two Sheds and Lightworker like this. Chuckee.
  4. Their destination: an audition for the mighty Decca organisation, and the big time. At 11am the next morning, an icy New Year's Day, the Beatles and Brian Epstein, who had journeyed to London to see his boys first step up the ladder to success, arrived at Decca's cold West Hampstead studios and waited.
  5. Anthology. The song became part of The Beatles’ live set from , with performances taking place in such varied places as Hamburg’s Star Club and the Royal Command Performance. They also performed it at their audition for Decca Records on 1 January Till There Was You (Remastered ) - .
  6. 当 For this limited press CD, cut the BBC radio sound source that appeared before the debut (because there are a lot of culminated items on the BBC). This makes it easy to fit on two discs. If you sort the “KKAC” body as it is on a CD, the sound source of the Decca Audition will end up straddling two disks.
  7. "Till There Was You" is a song written by Meredith Willson for his musical play The Music Man, An alternate take is provided on the CD rerelease. With The Beatles album 34 Live At The BBC album 14 The Beatles Anthology 1 album
  8. The band had included "'Till There Was You" as part of their unsuccessful audition for Decca Records in London on January 1, It was the second of five songs that they performed during their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, Live versions of the song were released on Live at the BBC () and Anthology 1 (
  9. January 1st, , the first day The Beatles entered a recording studio to record “Till There Was You,” was actually the first time The Beatles entered any proper recording studio at all. This was their audition for Decca Records at Decca Studios in London, which was less than two miles from EMI studios where they were to acquire their official contract later in the year.